BE Fearless

skeleton & fire be fearless art by balanced expressions llc

Be Fearless Design by Laura Jordan  Balanced Expressions LLC

“Anyone can act tough. What takes genuine power is to be open. To care about others. To learn from those around you. To be human.” ~ Robin Sharma

Today while working with a few Veterans….I was reminded……that suffering doesn’t give anyone a license to hurt other people – ever.

Too often we tolerate people’s bad behavior because they have been through very tough times, and for that we feel truly sad for them.  But as much as we might want to, it’s not our role to heal them.  Nor is it a duty to tolerate their destructive behaviors to us, our children or anyone else.

Feeling damaged or destroyed or at a loss by an emotionally/high stress/abusive  situation/s is a normal and appropriate HUMAN response.

Recognize those feelings for what they are…remember you are so MUCH MORE powerful than your/their negative feelings they try to push onto you.

We are NOT what we feel.  Other’s see a side that we can’t always see….to some they see a broken human being and do everything they can to remind you of that by actions, words and unkind gestures….to other’s we see a hero who has seen, lost & gone through so much so that our country might remain free, we see a person of strength who handles challenges we can’t even fathom.  Who fall apart behind closed doors, but smile to the world.

Beneath all the damage and apparent destruction of emotional pain/abuse or anything else going on,  there is a wholeness, a sensitivity and a desire to help out another human being.

Being FEARLESS means that we, ourselves are willing to look at any situation and change what we can, – walk away and eventually accept what we can’t change.  Knowing that difference is not an easy task.  It means being open and vulnerable,  to look for ways to help out no matter WHAT we are feeling.

Our soldiers where-ever they fought, have had to learn these lessons by leaving  family, friends, sometimes their businesses,  losing good comrades, going into dangerous situations, giving their best & all no matter what they were doing or where they were at.  Their families and loved ones have learned this by supporting, standing by and ultimately losing their loved ones as well.  The ones who have lost much, seen the worst, and fought fears most of us wouldn’t even attempt to try, are probably the toughest, most fearless people you will meet….but the most amazing and kindest, most sensitive people to be around who will reach to the ends of the earth to help another.

So no matter how hard ANYONE tries to tell you differently your inner core will always be what you decide to be no matter what situation you have been in.

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  1. anuja khadka
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 05:45:40

    loved your write up#!


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